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to our graduate program

Vacation Program

We understand that you, as a student completing your studies, are probably still figuring out exactly which direction and which sector you’d like to take your chosen discipline.

Our program will help demystify the mining industry and give you the insights and experiences to see how working with us will open up a world of career highlights. Learn about the operations of a mine site and make real contributions from day one.

Bold teams supporting your bright future.

Genuine care and involvement is the best description of our leaders; that’s how they approach our operations and our people, including our Vacation Program students. Our values attract and retain like-minded people who form a genuine camaraderie and respect for each other, who share the same work ethic and work together towards a common goal. That’s why you’ll feel supported and engaged and when there’s success to celebrate, we do this together.

As part of the program, you will be exposed to on-the-job learning, an individual development plan, a strong support network and ownership of real work projects from the moment you walk in the door. You will have the opportunity to learn technical and business skills from a technical leader who will oversee your development and provide guidance. Through operational and personal development training alongside practice work experience, you’ll be set up to succeed.

Our Program and beyond

The intent of our Vacation Program is to support students who are looking to gain exposure to our industry and build a strong pipeline into our Graduate Program. At the end of your Program, we want you to walk away feeling confident and excited that your first experience with Evolution may not be your last. Many of our past Vacation Program students have gone on to join our Graduate Program.

When it comes to career pathways, working for an agile, entrepreneurial mining business means you’ll be exposed to ample opportunities to experience career progression, and you’ll have the chance to engage in a broad range of diverse experiences.

Our program streams

Geotechnical Engineering
Geotechnical Engineers work in both open pit and underground environments and undertake a range of activities including data collection of geotechnical models, design and analysis of open pit and underground excavations, monitoring and risk assessment to produce safe, practical and economic designs.

Prerequisites: In your penultimate year studying a Civil Engineering, Geotechnical Engineering, Geological Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Mining Engineering or Geology degree.

Mining Engineering
The Mining Engineering team at our sites has responsibility for the design, planning, monitoring and reporting of mine production and coordination of activities to ensure compliance with the plan, procedures and standards.

Prerequisites: In your penultimate year studying a Mining Engineering, Science (Mining) or Engineering Science (Mining Engineering) degree.

At Evolution you will be exposed to the full mining cycle – underground and open pit operations, Resource Definition and Greenfields. Across our operations we mine copper and five different mineralisations of gold – orogenic, high-sulphidation, low-sulphidation, intrusion related and carbonate base-metal gold.

Prerequisites: In your penultimate year studying a science degree majoring in Geology, Geoscience, Geophysics (honours strongly preferred) or similar degree.

Our Metallurgists are responsible for ensuring that key plant operating parameters remain within target, are achieved and are accurately reported. They also monitor and ensure that the consumption of process consumables remains in line with budget, and they carry out continuous improvement projects in the form of metallurgical test work and trials that are aimed at improving gold and copper recovery, processing efficiencies and costs.

Prerequisites: In your penultimate year studying a Metallurgy, Chemical Engineering or similar degree.

Sustainability is integrated into everything we do. Our Sustainability team are responsible for ensuring operations and projects operate at a high standard and achieve sustainable outcomes for people, planet and profit. We are committed to providing workplaces and supporting communities where our people, including contractors and business partners, are physically and psychologically safe, healthy, and well.

The team focus on raising the environment and social governance profile of the company both internally and externally. This is done by supporting sustainable projects within our operations and regions through data analytics and reporting, transparent communications and identification of risk and opportunities which demonstrate excellence in sustainability. Our sustainability functions include Health and Safety, Environmental, ESG & Social Responsibility (including First Nations) and Risk & Improvement.

Prerequisites: In your penultimate year studying a completed Sustainability, Earth Sciences, Communications, Health & Safety, Governance and Risk, Public Relations or similar degree.

Finance & Commercial
The Finance & Commercial team partners with our business to provide the full spectrum of finance and supply chain activities both from a corporate point of view, and at our mining operations.

Prerequisites: In your penultimate year studying a Commerce, Business, Law, Economics or similar degree.

People & Culture
Our People & Culture team partners with the business to maximise the value of our people both from a corporate point of view, and at our mining operations. The function supports the business in all areas of recruitment, remuneration and benefits, employee relations, organisational design, learning and business partnering.

Prerequisites: In your penultimate year studying a tertiary qualification in Business or HR or a related discipline.

Asset Management
Asset Management is responsible for supporting the asset management, reliability and continuous improvement of our mobile and fixed plant, and associated infrastructure. The team ensures the mobile and fixed plant are fit for purpose and safe for use in accordance with the applicable laws and standards. They are also involved in the coordination of activities to ensure compliance to plan, procedures and standards as well as exciting technological cross departmental projects such as Project DEBI and Halo Lens.

Prerequisites: In your penultimate year studying a Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Science (Mechanical Engineering), Engineering Science (Electrical Engineering), Engineering (Instrumentation Control and Automation) or similar degree.


Have the right to work in the relevant jurisdiction before commencing employment

Be in your penultimate year of study

Have a willingness to relocate if required for the role

Our vacation
recruitment process

Decide what role/s to apply for

Your interests, skills and career goals should align with the requirements of your chosen role.

Online application

Now that you’ve determined which role/s to apply for, it’s time to submit your application. Click through to the position’s online application form. 

Screening call

Should your application progress to the next stage, you will receive a phone call from one of our team to discuss your experience and interest in our Vacation Program in more detail.

Be prepared to discuss why you are interested in Evolution.


If all goes well, you will be invited to an interview with one or more members of the team that you have applied to. Come prepared to answer a variety of questions, and don’t be afraid to ask us some too!


Once interviews have been completed, our team will be in touch via a phone call with the outcome of your application. If you are successful, we will provide a conditional offer pending pre-employment checks.

Pre-employment checks

You will be asked to undertake pre-employment checks.  In Australia, pre-employment checks include a medical and a Federal police check.   In Canada, pre-employment checks include a medical and a criminal history check.

You will receive a confirmation once you have fulfilled the pre-employment requirements.


Your Evolution employee experience commences prior to starting with us. You will be asked to complete onboarding documents. If your role is site-based, you will be required to complete a PPE request form and relevant site-based inductions prior to commencement.

1 week before start

Your manager will contact you to confirm Day 1 arrangements including site or office access.

Welcome to your Evolution employee experience!

Highlights from past participants





No mining experience: Over the summer, I was fortunate to be given the opportunity to complete a vacation program with Evolution for 12 weeks. Prior to the program, I had no experience on a mine site and moving to Kalgoorlie from Sydney was the perfect introduction to the sector.

Project diversity: As part of the site Environment Team, I was able to take part in multiple projects, including waste rock dump rehabilitation, potable and ground water monitoring, mine planning and writing the Annual Environmental Report (AER), covering the last year’s environmental compliance.

Cross business functions: I was also given the opportunity to partake in projects across other business functions including, walking in the St Barbara’s Day Parade with the Community Team, spending a day at the processing plant with the Metallurgy Team, a day in an underground mine with the Health and Safety Team and a day exploring Mungari’s tenement package with the Geology team.

Real responsibilities: The incredible team, the opportunity to take on real responsibilities, contribute meaningful work and the diversity of experiences made this program a fantastic first step into my career. I am eager to return to site as part of Graduate Program and continue my journey with Evolution Mining.





Broad spectrum: I have been so fortunate to spend my vacation period with Evolution. In this time, I spent approximately half of the program with mining (grade control) and the other half with exploration, covering a broad spectrum of tasks that a geologist undertakes in their day-to-day operations.

See outcomes: One of the biggest benefits to working for the entire summer is being able to see projects and tasks to completion, and in-turn seeing the effects and implications of decisions made (though it really is just a taste-tester). Mining is just a new world entirely, so it was fantastic seeing how people worked together to complete large and difficult tasks.

Welcome and valued: I was not sure what to expect as a vacation student, but the Evolution team went above and beyond (I did not get stuck with the boring jobs that’s for sure). I was made to feel welcome and at home from day one, with people taking the time to teach me as much as possible. At the end of the day, you get out of it what you put in, and I will always cherish my initial steps into the mining industry.





Immersive experience: Spanning a duration of twelve weeks, the Vacation Program facilitated my integration into the open pit short-term planning team at Cowal Gold Operations, wherein I undertook responsibilities integral to the daily functions of a Mining Engineer, and thus the planning of the open pit. This immersive experience not only afforded me invaluable insights into the regular cadence of a proficient and practicing Mining Engineer, but also afforded me the opportunity to cultivate new professional relationships within the industry.

Beyond the program: Central to my developmental trajectory during this tenure was the enhancement of my skill set, particularly in the realms of design, scheduling, and effective communication with the operational cohort. The program enabled me to glean comprehensive insights into the intricacies of a large-scale open pit mining enterprise. I was given the privilege of a full-time employment offer upon the culmination of my vacation work term, an appointment that I am presently honoured to uphold.

Broad spectrum: The duration of my tenure at Cowal has been markedly transformative, namely the notable enhancements across a diverse spectrum of proficiencies that I am confident will exert a lasting positive influence throughout the trajectory of my professional journey in the mining domain. I am very grateful for the opportunity that has been bestowed on me and look forward eagerly to my future with Evolution Mining.


Mining Engineer



Broad exposure: My experience as a vacation student at Evolution has been incredibly rewarding. Working across a multidisciplinary team of Engineers in the Group office has given me a comprehensive understanding of how different aspects of mining operations come together. I have worked on a number of projects which have allowed me to apply my theoretical knowledge and complement my university studies.

Hands-on experience: I am now working at Cowal Operations over the summer in the open pit short-term planning team. My highlight of this experience has been getting hands-on experience in operations, including spending time in the open pit with the operational crew in haul trucks and diggers.

Technical skills: I have also had the opportunity to develop my technical skills. Some of the tasks I’ve had exposure to so far include doing the daily reporting, short term scheduling of mine production (including working on the 36-hour plan) and using Deswik to create designs that have been implemented across site. I have been a part of daily and weekly meetings where I have worked alongside not just Mining Engineers but also Geologists, Surveyors and Geotechs and have been able to learn from those around me.

New challenges: I look forward to the rest of my time at Cowal and the opportunity to continue to learn and grow throughout my time here. Evolution has been an incredibly rewarding place to work with a great culture, and where I have been encouraged to take on new challenges and step up to new opportunities.

Frequently asked questions

How can I best prepare for my interviews?

It’s important to understand what our values are and what we might be looking for and provide relatable examples and experiences.

Is previous mining experience a prerequisite?

No. We understand that this may be your first work experience therefore, we don’t expect you to have any previous mining experience for these roles.

When does my program start and for how long?

Australia – Your program is run over twelve-weeks and will start in late November/early December. Some opportunities are occasionally available in July.

Canada – Your program start date may vary.

What happens when I complete my Vacation Program?

Upon the successful completion of your Vacation Program, you may be offered to continue working with us on a part-time or casual basis. The intent for this program is to build a strong pipeline into our Graduate Program and to continue to support your career development with us.

Is going to a mine site mandatory?

This is dependent on the role you apply for. If it is a site-based role, you are expected to work at the mine site for the duration of the program.

Who can I go to for help and advice?

You can go to your Site People & Culture team to check in with you and assist you with any queries. You also have your Site Manager or utilise the Employee Assistance Program we have on offer.

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